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Haddadian, Sanaz;Scheytt, Christoph;, ;Kramer, Roland:

Energy Harvesting Analysis for Next Generation Passive RFID Tags.

In: ANALOG 2017; 16th ITG/GMM-Symposium, pp. 18, Berlin, Germany, Mar 2 - 3, 2017, Technische Universität Berlin


This paper focuses on the design of a high efficiency cross-connected differential drive rectifier for next-generation passive RFID tags. To provide a realistic estimation of the transponders’ power and efficiency requirements at 5.8 GHz, detailed link/power-budget analysis for various blocks of the tag chip is carried out. From link budget analysis realistic RF power levels are obtained and a rectifier with high conversion efficiency at low power levels is designed. Simulations based on a commercial 65nm CMOS technology investigate the suitability of the harvesting circuit for 5.8 GHz RFID tags.




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