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Ghassemi, Faezeh;Meyer, Matthias;Pohlmann, Uwe;Priesterjahn, Claudia:

Verteilte statische Analyse zur Identifikation von kritischen Datenflüssen für vernetzte Automatisierungs- und Produktionssysteme.

, Das Paper wird bei der WInTeSys2017 Publiziert. , May 2017


Modern automation and production systems store a lot of sensitive information such as production amount or process knowledge. Programmable logic controllers (PLC) control such systems. A PLC provides several network/data exchange interfaces. Especially, a connection to the internet enables new functionalities. However, an internet connection or network interfaces could be targets of attacks. Besides using firewalls, programmers should take care of the data flow. They should prevent programmatically that the critical/sensitive data is accessed directly or indirectly over a critical/undesired data flow. Nowadays, static code analysis methods can analyze different, connect programs independently during the development of a system. However, analyzing PLC programs independently is not sufficient for the networked system because critical data flow is a result of the combination of the program- and the network behavior. In this paper, we present our first ideas of a static analysis method for the controller software of a modern automation system, which considers the data flow through a networked system. This solution enables to validate efficiently if the critical/sensitive data can leave the networked system and if an attacker can manipulate the data by changing certain data.




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