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Mauerer, Wolfgang;Hillier, Gernot;Sawallisch, Jan;Hönick, Stefan;Oberthür, Simon:

Real-Time Android: Deterministic Ease of use.

In: Proceedings of Embedded World Conference, Feb 28 - Mar 1, 2012


The rapid ascent of Android to one of the most influential platforms for mobile devices and tablets shows that the platform meets the preferences of end-users and developers with consistent usability and a convenient development environment targeted at the needs of the many instead of a specialised few. Unfortunately, these advantages, although very desirable, are not traditional strong-holds of embedded real-time Linux solutions. We introduce a real-time capable Android appliance that combines benefits of both realms. Besides presenting the software architecture, we discuss our efforts in augmenting the Android stack with RT capabilites in a minimally invasive way, provide effort measurements, and present a performance evaluation based on a prototype implemented using a Motorola Xoom tablet featuring our architecture extensions.


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