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Brinkmann, André;Effert, Sascha;Heidebuer, Michael;Vodisek, Mario:

Distributed MD.

In: In Proceedings of the International Workshop on Storage Network Architecture and Parallel I/Os, pp. 81 - 88, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA, 18 Sep 2005


Data has become the most valuable asset for many companies; loosing important data can cause companies to fail quite immediately. The protection of data inside storage systems is mostly achieved by using a RAID scheme that adds redundant data to user data, enabling recovery from single or multiple disk failures. This protection against data loss in case of a disk failure can be achieved either by dedicated hardware or a software RAID solution.

One major advantage of software RAID is that it comes for free as a built-in functionality in many operating systems like Linux or Microsoft Windows. The drawback of the built-in functionality is that it is not suited to run in multiple server environments; synchronization and recovery processes can be corrupted if more than a single server is allowed to access a software RAID volume.

In this paper, we present an enhancement for the Linux md-driver that enables a consistent usage of RAID in multiple server environments. Based on the V:DRIVE virtualization environment, RAID volumes can be consistently synchronized and recovered even in distributed environments. Besides the architectural concepts, we present measurements that indicate the viability of this enhanced, distributed version of md.




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