Lecture VR & AR

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality in Product Development

Lecture-No.: L.104.51265

Type: Lecture (V2)

Target group: Students of Mechanical Engineering, industrial engineering, information science in engineering and computer science. 

Requirements / foundation: Lecture Computer Engineering, Computer Science basics

Lecturer: M.Sc. Patrick Taplick

Dates: The lecture takes place on Fridays, 14.00 - 16.00. Exact dates are published in PAUL.

Objectives of the lecture "VR & AR in Product Development"

The lecture provides a compound overview of the application of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies in combination with simulation techniques within product development in mechanical engineering and related industries, e.g. automotive industry. The lecture provides students with knowledge of basic components of VR- and AR-systems, rendering and tracking systems, as well as concepts for modeling and testing virtual prototypes.

A Head Mounted Display for superimposing AR content into the user's view.
Visual Simulation of a shuttle convoy using Augmented Reality.

Furthermore, established applications in industry are conveyed. Students obtain an overview of the results, these applications achieve in product development, what requirements (models, technical systems) need to be fulfilled and how the applications and resulting analyses have to be conducted. Furthermore, students are qualified to draft systems for virtual product development and to contribute significantly in the setup of such systems.

The lecture comprises 2 SWS (2 CP) and addresses students of mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, information science in engineering and computer science.

Complementary courses:

The lecture contains a complementary lab (1SWS, 1 CP) where students have the opportunity to work in a team in order to exemplarily realize a selected application in the field of virtual product development.  


During the lecture and complementary lab students work with VR- and AR-systems in the visualization center at the Heinz Nixdorf Institute and learn, who such systems are utilized to solve engineering tasks.



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