Lecture IP

Industrial Production

Lecture-No.: 106711

Type: Lecture (V2)

Target group: Students of mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and information science in engineering.

Requirements / foundation: There are no prerequisites necessary.

Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Iris Gräßler

Contact person: M.Sc. Alexander Pöhler

Objectives of the lecture "Industrial Production"

The lecture procures an overview of the functionality of industrial production enterprises. Particularly the students become acquainted with the individual function areas of industrial enterprises like product marketing/product planning, development/design, labour organisation, distribution, labour supervision and manufacturing/assembly as well as the information relationship between these areas. In addition the students know the essential aspects of corporate management.


  • GAUSEMEIER, J.; PLASS, C.; WENZELMANN, C.: Zukunftsorientierte Unternehmensgestaltung – Strategien, Geschäftsprozesse und IT-Systeme für die Produktion von morgen. Carl Hanser Verlag, München, 2009