Lecture IEM

Innovation- and Development Management

Lecture-No.: 106731

Type: Lecture (V2)

Target group: Students of mechanical engineering and industrial engineering

Requirements / foundation: Lecture Industrial production; Lecture Technical computer science; Lecture Theorie of design

Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Iris Gräßler

Contact person: M.Sc. Julian Hentze

Objectives of the lecture "Innovation and development management"

This lecture is about the reinforcement of the innovation strength of mechanical engineering enterprises and related lines of business like the automobile industry. In the centre of the attention is the product development process/product innovation process. It extends from the idea for a product or business right through to its successful market launch, and includes the areas product planning, product marketing, development and construction, and the development and construction of production processes. Products which are based on a narrow cooperation of mechanics, electronics, control engineering and software engineering are considered. The listeners know the process of product innovation and the tasks of the function areas of strategic product planning and product development. They have particularly a summary of the relevant systematics, methods and tools. The listeners are able to play a part in the planning and development of the products for the markets of tomorrow as well as at the efficient configuration of the corresponding processes. They have acquired important knowledge to assure the future of an enterprise.


  • Gausemeier, J.; Ebbesmeyer, P.; Kallmeyer F.: Produktinnovation - Strategische Planung und Entwicklung der Produkte von morgen. Carl Hanser Verlag, München, 2001