Lecture CIM 1

Computer Integrated Manufacturing 1

Lecture-No.: 106713

Type: Lecture (V2)

Target group: Students of mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and information science in engineering

Requirements / foundation: Lecture industrial production, lecture computer engineering

Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Iris Gräßler

Contact person: M.Sc. Patrick Taplick

Objectives of the lecture "Computer Integrated Manufacturing1"

The lecture deals with the usage of information and communication technology in mechanical-engineering companies and allied sectors like automotive engineering. This expresses the term Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM).

The lecture is divided into two parts:

CIM 1:

The students know the fundamental components of information and communication technology like computer-, communication- and data-base-systems. Furthermore they know the principles that support the product development process (Virtual Product Development, Virtual Prototyping). The students are qualified to take part in designing and implementing conceptions for the operation of recent information and communication technology in product development processes.

CIM 2:

The main focus is on flexible automated processes of manufacturing that are characterised by the operation of NC-machines and industrial robots. Typical systems of the flexible automation are Flexible Manufacturing Cells, Flexible Production Systems and Flexible Production Lines. The students know the basic design of these systems as well as their programming, control and monitoring. Furthermore the students are familiar with the computer aided planning of these systems (Digital Factory, Virtual Production). The students are qualified to take part in projects designing flexible automated processes of manufacturing.


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