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Exercise Progr. Ind. Contr. (SPS)

Applied Production Technology

Instructors: Prof. Dr. Iris Gräßler

Event type: Exercise

Org-unit: Mechanical engineering

Displayed in timetable as: AP

Language of instruction: German

Min. | Max. participants: - | -

Premises / Recommendations:
VL Rechnerintegrierte Produktionssysteme (CIM)

Course objective:
In this course the participants apply production and automation technology in a practical manner. The mediated theoretical foundations from Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) are complemented by its practical application. Besides thereby developed expertise, team skills and speech and presentation skills are taught through presentations and group work.

Target audience:
Students of mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and information science in engineering.


In the exercise current projects in production and automation technology are performed. The practical principles are taught in a first step and afterwards a task from the area production and automation technology is given. The tasks usually includes work packages from one or more of the following topics:

  • NC programming

  • Production Planning and Control

  •  Robotics

  •  Control Programming

  • Production System Development

  •  Machine construction

  •  Process Simulation

Contact person:
M.Sc. Alexander Pöhler
Phone: 0 52 51 / 60 62 62
Email: alexander.poehler@hni.uni-paderborn.de

Exercise notes