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Virtual Engineering

The field Virtual Engineering has the role of the enabler in the action field of product creation. The modern technologies of Virtual and Augmented Reality act as an important tool for the illustration and conception of modern, complex products of tomorrow.

Today in the product creation process different software solutions which support different development domains are used. The concept of Virtual Prototyping has most widely enforced in the product creation process. Virtual Prototyping means the manufacture of a virtual prototype which contains the geometry and properties of a physical prototype. The usage of this concept reduces the time-to-market and development costs enormously. The technological progress in Virtual and Augmented Reality enables significant benefits in the product creation process.

VR/AR is a key technology in this context. The focus is a realistic potential of illustration which is not possible with conventional technologies. The combination of simulations and virtual devices is not only a digital mock-up but also immersive virtual prototypes. The conceptional approach of Virtual Engineering includes the usage of visualization by VR/AR technologies in the product creation process. VR/AR is applied in different stages like virtualization and validation.

The Chair for Product Creation is concentrated on the research field Virtual Engineering with an uncomplicated support of the product creation process by IT infrastructure. The applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality is the focus for the Virtual Engineering concept.  The rapid progress on the field of visual displays promotes the development of new technologies and methods in VR/AR. The Chair for Product Creation investigates the potentials and benefits of these new technologies and methods for different stages of the product creation process. Another investigated sector is the usage fields of different Virtual and Augmented Reality devices in the product creation. The implementation of Augmented Reality for the production planning is an interesting example for integration of modern visual technologies.

With industrial partners the Chair of Product Creation develops practical applications of VR/AR for the field of product development and supports the technology implementation in small-scale and medium-scale enterprises.

Virtual Engineering in the Action Field of Product Creation