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Systems Engineering and Engineering Management

Anyone wishing to elicit enthusiasm from an end customer with a product innovation must use application scenarios to establish methods of product usage, prevailing framework conditions and the profile of the target group of purchasers. These application scenarios provide input for product development activities. Once established, the framework conditions, target costs, and market entry point are regularly subjected to assumption checks to ensure that any necessary changes are identified and taken into account at an early stage.

Systems Engineering and Engineering Management are illustrated in the second level in our action field of product creation. We provide the tools for the functional and production-related implementation of complex overall technical systems and elaborate specific and individual reference models from the generic development methodologies. We link a wide variety of specialist disciplines with approaches to development methodology, such as the V-model for mechatronic systems, classic design guidelines and agile development. The primary focus of this work is the effectiveness and efficiency of development and production processes.

Systems Engineering and Engineering Management in the Action Field of Product Creation