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Realization and Production Management

The focus of Realization and Production Management in the case of material products is the production of a deliverable product. The corresponding focus in case of immaterial assests is the preparation of operator models for product use. Such models include, for instance, the provision and design of digital and networked systems and their services. For services offered during product use,
application tools and application software are developed.

Production Management is confronted with a profound change, in particular as a result of concepts and technologies subsumed by Industry 4.0 and Factories of the Future. With our tools and methods we help to shape this change towards a networked and automated production. We optimize the interface between product development and production by expanding development methodologies and implementing tools for digital planning of production system planning as well as automated
production planning and control. We manage to increase the flexibility of production systems without loss of productivity by using intelligent algorithms.

In our academic courses, we teach the state of the art in production and automation technology, production system design, production planning and control as well as digital
product development. To provide practical experiences, we use our Smart Automation Laboratory and work closely with our industrial partners. Through the practice-oriented teaching of fundamentals and participation in current research topics, we provide students with a toolkit for shaping the Digital Transformation.