Systems Engineering

Role OF Systems Engineer in the Company

The increasing complexity in the development of multidisciplinary technical  systems provides the industry with major challenges, which cannot be handled adequately with traditional development methods. Systems Engineering helps companies to find a balance between organisation and technology and to  establish the necessary communication for this.


Diversified and multinational companies have a variety of procedural and support methods for their product development. Due to the size of the company and its separation into divisions and business units in accordance with the addressed markets, there is a particular difficulty in fulfilling all the possible needs of all divisions for an overall development methodology.


As part of the initiative for anchoring Systems Engineering in the development of entire technical systems, the commissioning company relies on customised training solutions to their needs. Based on a precise delineation and definition of the role of the Systems Engineer in the company, the goal is to develop and to test the training concepts for Systems Engineering experts.


Based on representative interviews of executive development engineers from different divisions, the current beliefs and expectations about the role of Systems Engineers are elicited and evaluated. The currently used methodologies such as Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) are analysed for differences and similarities with Systems Engineering. From these results and
a comparison with concepts from the literature and practice, an individual approach for the entire company is written and determines the needs for an expert training. This is discussed and approved within the company to derive an appropriate expert training concept on this basis.

Project organisation

The project team is made up of the Munich Management Consulting 3DSE Management Consultants GmbH and the “Product Creation” workgroup of the Heinz Nixdorf Institute. The client of the project is the central development department of an international, and in diversified business areas active, large company.

Results of the project

In close coordination between the project partners, an individual reference model of necessary processes for the company has been developed. This includes processes for technical development, organisational contents and management level processes. This forms the basis for the training concept to be developed for Systems Engineering experts.