ANYWHERE - EnhANcing emergencY management and response to extreme WeatHER and climate Events

High impact weather events are recognised as one of the major societal challenges. Innovative technologies are designed to support forecasting and nowcasting as well as assessments of potential impacts on people and infrastructures. ANYWHERE envisages to extend such technologies and support the innovation process by applying methods for strategic planning, targeting security markets or related business fields.


Forecasting and nowcasting of extreme weather events is already available in high precision tools. They are continuously advanced by enhanced simulation models and increased performance of measurements and data processing. Intending to apply them in emergency preparedness and response, they need to be complemented by impact assessments. Such assessment capabilities are a prerequisite to provide decision support for public protection and disaster relief organisations.


ANYWHERE will create an integrated system advancing resilience in disaster situations caused by weather events. Both people and organisations – intending business continuity – shall be able to predict impacts and minimise
them by adequate preparedness and response actions. The research group ‘Product Creation’ supports the innovation management approach by extending and creating business models motivated by self-preparedness and self-protection. ANYWHERE technologies shall be made available for external
parties facilitating new services and products in this field. Research will be focused on methods and tools supporting innovative enterprises assessing such concrete business potentials. As part of the research methodologies, four case studies with innovators and security practitioners are planned. One example are driver assistance systems: Predictive functionalities can be extended by weather related ‘impact assessments’.

Project structure

The ANYWHERE consortium was formed by 31 partner institutions. It is coordinated by Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and brings together research institutes, enterprises like Airbus Defence & Space (for the integration of information system components) and end user organisations from Spain, Italy, France, Norway, Finland and Switzerland. The research
group “Product Creation” coordinates the work package dedicated to innovative technologies and systems raising self-preparedness and self-protection. The project will be performed in close cooperation with the research group “Computer Integration and Application in Design and Planning” (C.I.K., faculty for mechanical engineering).