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Production and automation

Robot Baxter

The enduring reduction of time to market for complex technical systems requires early planning of production systems. The action field “product creation” illustrates the integration of production planning systems in the product creation process. Strategic planning should consider production-related restrictions and future production technology developments. Engineering management should integrate the production system development in an early state of the product development process to prevent development iterations. Virtual engineering enables a process-independent, inter-divisional joint collaboration.

In the research field of production engineering and automation we currently focus on the following topics:

  • Development of cyber-physical production systems. Integration into holistic production network concepts.
  • Development of human-centered work processes based on cyber-physical systems.
  • Adaptive, agent-controlled cross-linkage of autonomous cyber-physical systems via cloud-based planning and control platforms.

In general, we cover current topics of production and automation technology in research and industrial projects. We are currently building a new production laboratory to show our research results on cyber physical production systems.

Production and automation in the Action Field of Product Creation