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Digital and Virtual Product Creation

«Digital and Virtual Product Creation» describes concepts and methods to apply information technology as supportive tools in Product Creation. For this purpose, methods and tools are embedded in all phases of the action field of product creation targeting «Smart Product Engineering». For instance, Virtual and Augmented Reality are examples for tools supporting the conception and planning of modern, complex products of tomorrow.

The aim of the research group is to use digital and virtual technologies to increase efficiency of strategic planning, product development and production management and to effectively align processes with desired benefits. The research is focused on applicability and application concepts for information
technologies. Examples include direct digital production through additive manufacturing and the semantic integration of product data along the product life cycle. One current research topic relates to Virtual Reality in innovation management: Subject is the usage of visual stimuli for supporting creativity.

The research contributes continuously to teaching which is divided into two parts: Part one «Digital Tools for Collaborative Product Creation» addresses digital tools and related methods supporting the entire information chain. Specific actions fields are characterized by model-based systems  engineering and product data management. Part two, «Virtual and Automated Product Creation » deepens the fields of virtualization using simulation and concepts like Digital Twins as well as automation with regard to Cyber- Physical Production Systems. In both parts, challenges for human-technology interaction and visualization techniques such as Virtual/Augmented Reality are elaborated.