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Market potential for the entire product portfolio

In order to be able to achieve a further increase in sales with the same resources, many companies are striving for broader market penetration. The focus here is on increasing sales of existing products. In this way, the company creates an increase in sales through new customers and / or entire stores with almost constant expenses. This type of market penetration is of particular interest to SMEs, as small companies often lack the development budget that is necessary to further increase sales through new products.

In the present project, the chair HNI-PE was commissioned to find new markets and their potential for an already existing product portfolio. The market potential for further developments of existing product fields, the networking of product fields and new markets should be analyzed in a systematic procedure. In order to get a basis for the later procedure, new technology fields with market potential for already existing products of the SME were identified at the beginning. Subsequently, new markets were researched in order to show the company not yet acquired areas in which there is a need for the existing product portfolio. At the end of this industrial project, recommendations for action based on scientific research and processes from scenario technology were presented to the SME.

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