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assemblean - Procurement platform for production and assembly services

New solutions are required due to changing sales expectations, shorter product life cycles and increasing product variance. The aim is to develop a platform with which orders can be rescheduled and postponed at short notice, even across company boundaries. Therefore, a customisable assistance system is being developed, which can be easily integrated into existing production systems and also used to set up new assembly systems. The procurement platform for production and assembly services handles the entire order process: from ordering a component to manufacturing and assembling subassemblies to complex complete products. On the platform, companies can plan their complete product, i.e. define the individual process steps along with their requirements. This is done with the help of a supplier network to which the platform users have access.

The project is funded by the EXIST Forschungstransfer programme of the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi) and the European Social Fund (ESF). The funding volume comprises 560,000 euros for the first one and a half years. The aim of the funding programme is to carry out development work to prove technical feasibility, develop prototypes, improve business plan and finally set up the company.

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