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ARCA: Automated Requirement Change Analysis

Today's development projects are characterized by a high level of complexity, dynamism and uncertainty. New knowledge, agile approaches and changed framework conditions require continuous adjustment of the development goals. Such adjustments cause delays and high costs due to the propagation of changes (propagation effects), especially in late stages of development. One reason for the serious effects is that without a holistic perspective on the system, the risks of changing requirements are underestimated and handled inefficiently. This applies in particular to complex interdisciplinary systems, as these are not only based on extensive requirement sets, but also the interdisciplinary effects require special expertise.

The aim of the project is to develop a software prototype that, based on a holistic and practice-oriented method, supports the development of complex technical systems in a dynamic corporate environment through requirements engineering. With the help of the software prototype, risk-optimized decisions about the handling of change impulses are be prepared, made and implemented. This increases the efficiency and target orientation of development projects.

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