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Anywhere - Real-time tools to improve responsiveness to extreme weather events

The aim of the ANYWHERE project was to develop real-time tools to improve the ability of authorities, companies and the population to react to extreme weather events. For this purpose, a Europe-wide platform with algorithms for forecasting and evaluating the resulting risks is being developed. This is intended to strengthen the authorities' ability to act. One key to this is increasing the self-protection of companies and the general public. The platform is intended to serve as a basis for being integrated into intelligent, technical overall solutions by innovative companies.

ANYWHERE enables companies to offer innovative and economically viable services not only in disaster control. The broad availability of services via third-party solutions increases the self-protection of the population and companies in the long term. For example, companies are able to minimize the risks of the effects of extreme weather events.

The product development specialist group coordinated the development of intelligent technical systems in four case studies. This validates the benefit in terms of self-protection. By implementing an information platform and adapting the scenario technology as a tool for strategic planning, third-party providers are enabled to identify market opportunities for their own technical solutions and to make the best possible use of potential. For this purpose, the scenario technology will be further developed and optimized with regard to use by start-ups and SMEs.

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