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Reference Projects

ImPaKT - Simplify impact analysis in product development

Within the ImPaKT project, a model-based and IT-supported solution approach is being developed which is intended to enable and simplify the impact analysis of product changes already before the product development. > more

Benefits & Operations of MBSE

The product development specialist group has developed practice-oriented artifacts for the model-based systems engineering approach, which drive the industrial dissemination of the approach. > more

VRlinked - Collaboration in virtual space to increase creativity and innovation

In the VRlinked project, methods and tools are designed and developed on the basis of virtual reality technology, which support distributed project teams in creative and innovative collaboration in virtual space. > more

Market potential for the entire product portfolio

In this project, new technology fields with market potential for existing products of an SME were identified. > more

Assemblean - Procurement platform for production and assembly services

In the spin-off project assemblean, solutions are being developed to use assistance systems to increase efficiency and delivery reliability in production. > more

ARCA: Automated Requirement Change Analysis

The "Automated Requirement Change Analysis" (ARCA) project aims to manage the risk of requirement changes during the ongoing product development of complex systems. > more

College Work 4.0: Design of flexible working environments

In the NRW Research College "Design of Flexible Working Environments", the effects of Industry 4.0 are being researched in an inter- and transdisciplinary manner. > more

„Leicht-Effizient-Mobil“ – Energy and cost-efficient extremely lightweight construction with hybrid materials

The NRW Research College "Leicht-Effizient-Mobil" (FK LEM) simultaneously addresses important societal challenges, such as resource efficiency, environmentally friendly mobility, climate protection and various aspects in many other areas. > more

Advanced Digitalization @ Nordzucker - Potential analysis for digitization in the sugar manufacturing process

The Advanced Digitalization @ Nordzucker project aimed to identify digitization potential in Nordzucker AG's processes and systems. > more

OptiAMix: Multi-target optimized and fully automated component development for additive manufacturing processes in the product creation process

In order to exploit the potential of additive manufacturing processes, researchers from the product development department worked at the Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC) with the industrial partners Krause DiMaTec, EDAG Engineering, Hirschvogel Umformtechnik, Intes and WP Kemper > more

Dynamics - Thinking ahead the Future of Additive Manufacturing - Seizing Opportunities for Business

Objective of the project was the development of methodologies to identify business opportunities for Additive Manufacturing technologies in companies. > more

Anywhere - Real-time tools to improve responsiveness to extreme weather events

The result of the ANYWHERE project is a Europe-wide platform for assessing weather-related hazards with forecasting algorithms. In addition to the authorities' ability to act, the aim was also effective self-protection for the population and businesses. > more

Model-based potential analysis - Identification and elimination of weak points for effective and efficient development

In the project Model-based Potential Analysis, the CLAAS Product Development Process (CPDP) was tailored to the industry-specific needs of the industrial technology of CLAAS. > more