08. March 2017

Volume 359 in Publication Series published

„Approach for a pattern based development of Frugal Innovations“ from Anne-Christin Lehner


The economic rise of emerging and developing markets induces a rapid growth of the global middle class. This new mass market demands products and services adapted to the needs of the local population - so called Frugal Innovations. Engineers often face similar challenges while developing these products: Low income of the population, poor energy and transportation infrastructure or adverse weather conditions. The hypothesis appears likely that similar challenges result in similar solutions. By the abstraction of these solutions to transferrable solution patterns, the efficacy and efficiency of the development process could be improved. The presented approach to a pattern based development of Frugal Innovations addresses this hypothesis. Based on existent Frugal Innovations patterns are identified, documented and analysed. The integration of the identified patterns in the strategic planning and product development process is guaranteed by a procedure model. In combination with a Frugal Innovation pattern database it supports the user by the selection and application of suitable patterns. The validation based on the example of telemedical assistant systems shows the benefit of the pattern based development of Frugal Innovations.

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