16. January 2017

We congratulate Peter Iwanek to his doctorate

Peter Iwanek has successfully passed his doctoral examination. He received his doctorate for the topic "Systematik zur Steigerung der Intelligenz mechatronischer Systeme im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau" under Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Gausemeier.

The foreseeable development of communication and information technologies open up fasci-nating perspectives which move far beyond current standards of mechatronics: mechatronic systems having inherent partial intelligence. These systems are also called “Intelligent Tech-nical Systems”. Keywords such as “Cyber-Physical Systems”, “Industrie 4.0” or “Self-Optimization” express this perspective of Intelligent Technical Systems. However, a major challenge is to consider the possibility of the integration of intelligent features into mechatronic systems and to show a way for the integration. Especially for companies in machinery and plant engineering this is a challenge. In order to provide companies from machinery and plant engineering to integrate intelligence into the systems, it is necessary to support them with a systematic approach.

The aim of this thesis is an approach for increasing the intelligence of mechatronic systems in machinery and plant engineering. The approach consists of four components: a stage model for increasing the intelligence of mechatronic systems, methods for planning the realization of intelligent behavior, a procedure model for increasing the intelligence of mechatronic systems and tools to support the communication and specification within the project team. The approach supports the experts in the companies in a systematic way to analyze current systems and identify, specify and to choose the ideal ideas for the integration of intelligence into machines.

The doctorate will be published soon as Volume 366 at the HNI-press. Congratulations.

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