09. January 2017

We congratulate Peter Reinold to his doctorate

Peter Reinold has successfully passed his doctoral examination. He received his doctorate for the topic "Integrierte, selbstoptimierende Fahrdynamikregelung mit Einzelradaktorik" under Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ansgar Trächtler.

Within the scope of the present thesis, a self-optimizing, integrated vehicle dynamics control is presented, which is based on the optimum tyre force distribution for a vehicle with single-wheel actuators. It considers the actuating variable limitations of the individual actuators and can also maintain the desired movement in the case of actuator failure. From the joystick specifications of the driver, desired values are generated for the vehicle movement. The correcting variables necessary for the realization of this movement are calculated by means of a multi-objective optimization which uses the degrees of freedom of the over-actuated vehicle. In the course of this, the exploitation of the adhesion potential, the energy consumption as well as the tyre wear are minimized. For the purposes of the self-optimization, the objectives are adjusted, so that the driving movement is optimally implemented in volatile conditions. A control structure is suggested for the vehicle movement, which – on the basis of subordinate decoupling and linearization – also guarantees the optimum realization of the movement in case of disturbances and parameter inaccuracies.

The consideration of actuating variable limitations and the minimisation of multiple objectives within the scope of the optimum tyre force distribution are to be seen as essential aspects of this thesis, going beyond the state of the art.

The doctorate will be published soon at the HNI-press.


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