06. December 2016

We congratulate Olga Echterhoff to her doctorate

Olga Echterhoff has successfully passed her doctoral examination. She received her doctorate for the topic "Systematik zur Erarbeitung modellbasierter Entwicklungsaufträge“ under Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Gausemeier.

Through the dynamic development of information and communication technology mechatronic products advance to an innovation boost of our time. Paired with complementary services, companies gain a lot of possibilities for a sustainably successful position in the competition. Integrative planning and development of such products and services is challenging. While the foundation for success of products and services is laid in strategic planning, the realization is done in development. The central communication device between both is the development order: Nowadays, it is not more than a list of requirements – strategic background information are neglected, relations not clearly conveyed.

Thus, the goal of this work is a systematic approach for the deployment of model-based development orders. It includes a modelling language, a method for the application of the language and a tool support. In essence, information and relations from strategic planning are represented using a modelling language. Based on this, the cause-effect-structure starting from the corporate environment down to the planned products and services can be represented. In doing so, background information can be tailored to the specific needs of the recipient. The result of the systematic approach is a holistic development order, which is coordinated with all concerned parties.

The doctorate will be published soon as Volume 362 at the HNI-press.


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