26. October 2016

Volume 355 in Publication Series published

„Methodik zur Bewertung von Produktionssystemen in der frühen Entwicklungsphase“ from Vinzent Rudtsch


Digitalization as well as globalization lead to a tremendous reduction of product life cycle times and an increasingly intensive competition among producing companies. To cope with these challenges product and according production system have to be aligned with each other already in the conceptual design phase. Although many crucial constraints for the subsequent system elaboration are already determined during conceptual design, current methods for the evaluation of production systems cannot adequately support the necessary integrative development. This contribution comprises a methodology for an early evaluation of production system concepts within the product engineering process. The methodology consists of a process model, that leads the user through the evaluation procedure as well as an analysis model, which comprises all necessary methods and calculation rules. An extension to the specification technique for the description and computer-internal representation of product and production system concepts complements the methodology with respect to the application of relevant evaluation parameters. A validation of the practical usability is conducted by means of a continuous application example for the production of a pedal electric cycle.

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