11. October 2016

Volume 357 in Publication Series published

„Systematik zur musterbasierten Entwicklung technologie-induzierter Geschäftsmodelle“ from Benjamin Amshoff


Facing the challenges of today’s global markets companies need to realize new business models to remain competitive. Valuable opportunities to conduct new business models emerge from technologies such as Additive Manufacturing or the Internet of Things. However, the underlying business logic that comes with those technologies is crucial. Oftentimes, companies lack knowhow about a promising logic probably leading to the market success of such business models. Business model patterns that are proven in successful business models promise to tackle that challenge. The given thesis raises the hypothesis that technology-specific business model patterns can be identified and applied for business model design. Thus, the goal of this thesis is a systematic approach for a pattern-based design of technology-induced business models in the context of strategic product planning. For a selected technology, companies already operating a successful business model are identified. These models are analyzed in order to find common business model patterns. Subsequently, business models are systematically designed by means of the proven patterns. The business models are based on the recombination of those business model patterns and need to be specified for the respective company. The approach results in a selected business model for establishing a new business with the given technology.

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