29. August 2016

We congratulate Alexander Löffler to his doctorate

Alexander Löffler has successfully passed his doctoral examination. He received his doctorate for the topic "Entwicklung einer modellbasierten In-the-Loop-Testumgebung für Waschautomaten" under Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ansgar Trächtler.

In mechanical engineering (e. g. automotive, appliance, aerospace) new features for more safety, less pollution and greater comfort are more and more implemented with electronic control units. This increases the development and testing effort. Model-based testing and real-time simulations (mainly HiL simulation) offer the possibility to increase the test depth and scope to ensure and improve the quality of the control devices. The aim of this study was to develop a model-based in-the-loop test environment for washing machines, in particular a HiL simulation. The challenge in creating a real-time model of the washing machine is to extract the whole, implicit knowledge of the cross-domain process and system and to make it explicit. For an effective use, the HIL simulation has been integrated into existing tool chains and development processes. Thus, the basic framework for the use of the in-the-loop technologies was established. Finally, the advantages of MiL simulations were illustrated by means of two examples.

The doctorate will be published online soon at the university library of Paderborn.


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