12. August 2016

Volume 354 in Publication Series published

„Instrumentarium für einen lösungsmusterbasierten Entwurf fortgeschrittener mechatronischer Systeme“ from Harald Anacker


The efficient development of advanced mechatronic systems is still a challenge. Due to the increasing complexity on the general system level, interdisciplinary thinking and acting become more important than ever. This requires the reuse of well-established solution knowledge. In this regard, solution patterns have the potential to document and link relevant knowledge as needed in terms of a proactive allocation. This applies to all areas of product engineering, especially for the multidisciplinary system design. Therefore an instrument for a solution pattern-based design of advanced mechatronic systems was developed. Its basis is an extensive description of the paradigm of solution patterns in product engineering. In addition, the instrument includes techniques for the identification, documentation and use of solution patterns for the system design. Hence a uniform structuration of solution patterns, a multidimensional knowledge space as well as two procedure models were developed and combined. The use of the instrument is carried out in two examples. The methodical identification of solution patterns is shown on a separator – a complex mechatronic system. An application example of the procedure towards a solution pattern-based system design is a cooperating robot system.

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