08. August 2016

Volume 352 in Publication Series published

„Systematik zur technologie-induzierten Produkt- und Technologieplanung“ from Marina Wall


Germany’s outstanding innovation performance leads to new, fascinating technologies. Thus, Germany has established a globally leading position, especially in mechanical engineering and other related industries. Initiatives such as the High-Tech Strategy of the Federal Government or Horizon 2020 at the European level emphasize the role of technologies to maintain this outstanding position in the future. From these initiatives, technologies with high potential for disruptive innovations are emerging. Concurrently, these technologies bring along technological risks and market uncertainties, mainly due to incomplete knowledge regarding technological potentials and conceivable applications. For strategic planning, this incomplete knowledge is challenging. In this context, this thesis provides an approach for technology-induced product and technology planning. The core of the approach is a framework, combined with a five-phase procedure, respectively representing a basic logic of the elements to be elaborated and a guideline for their elaboration. An analysis and anticipation of the technological performance serve as a basis for the derivation of technological potentials. To deduce options for the product and technology development, application ideas are identified and analyzed. All results are consolidated to a technology push strategy and a roadmap, describing when and how to develop products and technology. The validation of the approach shows its practicability.

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