01. March 2016

Volume 348 in Publication Series published

„Verification and Simulation of Self-Adaptive Mechatronic Systems“ from Christian Heinzemann


Self-adaptive mechatronic systems automatically adapt their behavior to a changing environment by reconfiguring their software architecture at runtime. In particular, this includes to dynamically form systems of systems at runtime, where several systems collaborate with each other using message-based communication protocols. Often, these systems are safety-critical and need to satisfy hard real-time constraints, i.e., any (timing) error in their behavior may put lives at risk. As a consequence, the software of a mechatronic system needs to meet high quality standards. In particular, it needs to be guaranteed that reconfigurations of the software architecture do not lead to an unsafe behavior or a violation of the real-time constraints. Testing alone cannot prove the correctness and thereby the safety of the mechatronic system. Existing approaches for model-driven development and analysis of mechatronic systems either provide support for analyzing real-time constraints or for analyzing reconfigurations of the software architecture, but none of the existing approaches supports both. In this thesis, we present a combination of constructive and analytical techniques that can be used by software engineers as part of a model-driven software engineering method for assuring the correctness of the software of a self-adaptive mechatronic system. As a key novelty, our approach combines formal verification and simulation-based testing for achieving a scalable analysis of the system's software. In addition, we explicitly separate the specification and verification of functional behavior and reconfiguration behavior for further improving the scalability of the verification. We evaluated all of our contributions based on the RailCab system and conducted two case studies that demonstrate the viability of our techniques.

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