25. February 2016

We congratulate Andreas Cord-Landwehr to his doctorate

Andreas Cord-Landwehr has successfully passed his doctoral examination. He received his doctorate for the topic "Selfish network creation: On variants of network creation games" Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide.

This thesis studies networks that are created by selfish agents. The focus is on the overall efficiency of the individual selfish actions of the network agents, who optimize an overlay network in a distributed way. The central measure for efficiency of the selfish acting is the so-called price of anarchy. This value describes the worst-case ratio of the overall cost of any stable network state, i.e., a network state in which no agent can unilaterally reduce her cost, and a socially optimal solution. My thesis suggests and studies several specializations of the „network creation game“ model by Fabrikant et al. (PODC 2003). Part one covers the impact of non-uniform communication interests, which is that not every agent is interested in communication with every other agent. In Part two, I introduce quality-of-service decisions into the framework of network creation games by allowing agents to choose not only where to create an edge to but also of which quality and for which price. Part three considers the influence of having only local network information available to the agents, specifically limiting their actions. Finally, in Part four, I introduce a new model for studying the interaction between different network layers.

The doctorate was published online at the university library of Paderborn.


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