01. September 2021

We congratulate Dirk van Straaten to his doctorate

Dirk van Straaten has successfully passed his doctoral examination. He received his doctorate for the topic "Inferring Quality with Reputation Systems – Experimental Evidence on Elicitation Mechanisms and Aggregation Metrics" under Prof. René Fahr.

Enabling customers to rate a product they have purchased, reputation systems are becoming increasingly important in the course of the rapidly growing share of online retailing. The aim of customer rating systems is to be able to assess the quality of a product before the purchase. In addition to individual ratings, customer rating metrics play a key role here, as they make it easier to compare different products and enable customers to make faster and better purchasing decisions. However, biases in the provision of customer reviews cause these metrics not to reflect the actual quality. In particular, the acquisition bias occurs in the form of a disproportionately positive share of customer reviews, as convinced buyers disproportionately self-select into the role of a reviewer. In addition, moderately satisfied or dissatisfied buyers are less likely to provide a customer review and are therefore underrepresented. The goal of this thesis is, on the one hand, to minimize these biases by generating additional customer reviews and, on the other hand, to adjust metrics to reflect the actual preferences of customers.

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