24. July 2020

The HNI-PE team grows: Stefan Hillebrand starts as new research assistant during Corona

At the Heinz Nixdorf Institute, the work group "Product Creation" is mainly dedicated to the areas of strategic product planning, innovation management as well as production management and implementation. Research assistants in the department assume responsibility in industry and research projects as well as in university teaching. New to the team is Stefan Hillebrand, who will take up his new position on July 6. In the following he reports on his experience with job search during Corona:

"Due to the pandemic, the entire application process was already done digitally. After the application was sent by e-mail in the traditional way, all subsequent interviews were conducted via video conference. For me, as a former sales engineer in the field, this represented a completely new situation. While at that time I was working on making appointments for visits in order to establish personal contacts, it is currently important to avoid exactly these contacts. Spontaneous questions cannot be answered quickly face-to-face in passing, but require a more proactive approach than usual.

But perhaps this is precisely the advantage of an induction at the current time. One is forced to work out answers for oneself. All in all, it's quite a sensible start for a career in research.

Many thanks to the HNI-PE team for a great start in digital times!"

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