23. March 2020

We congratulate Christian Bremer to his doctorate

Christian Bremer has successfully passed his doctoral examination. He received his doctorate for the topic "Systematik zur Modellierung flexibler Produktionsanlagen im Model-Based Systems Engineering" under Prof. Dumitrescu.

The Digitalization is driving the change of modern products and services. The transfer of the digitalization towards the industrial production will enable a fourth industrial revolution. In future, production plants will be highly flexible and will contain machines that are linked with each other will have intelligent functions. However, this will also increase the complexity and the dependencies of such plants – within the plant but also to its environment. Planning and Development of such flexible plants will thus bring new challenges. The paradigm of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) addresses this challenge. In MBSE, systems are developed in an interdisciplinary manner. Doing so, models are used holistically to support the development processes, describe the development artefacts and to use is for computer-aided functions.

The goal of this present thesis is a systematics for the modeling of flexible production plants within Model-Based Systems Engineering. In order to achieve this, it presents a concept for modeling, describing the necessary model aspects and the according rules. A procedure model guides the user to create the systems model. A SysML based tool support enables the concrete application. The validation of the approach is done using the example of an industrial laundry.

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