18. June 2018

ESTIEM-Workshop – European industrial engineering students visit the "Product Creation" workgroup

The "Product Creation" workgroup has organized a workshop of the European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management (ESTIEM). Contents were the interdisciplinary product creation and planning of the automated production.

In the workshop, 14 students from Poland, Turkey and Germany worked together on the 9th and 10th of January. ESTIEM is a European organization with the aim to promote the exchange between industrial engineering students in Europe. The subject of the workshop was the interdisciplinary development of a mechatronic product and the planning of an automated production. In addition to the motivation and impartation of Industry 4.0 fundamentals, practical experience was in the foreground: Following an introductory lecture, the theory was experimentally implemented using the example of a remote-controlled vehicle.

The students developed components of a demonstrator in two teams and prepared them for production. Working with a digital design CAD system was a new experience for many students. The prototypical implementation of the developed components then took place in the Smart Automation Lab of the "product creation" workgroup. "In addition to the theory, we try to bring the practical challenges to life in our lectures. The experiences in the laboratory, for example, in terms of NC and robot programming, the ESTIEM students rated very positively ", summarized chief engineer Dr.-Ing. Jens Pottebaum. The different tasks made it possible to authentically experience the current challenges in interdisciplinary cooperation and new approaches to collaboration.

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