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Real-Time Simulation with Hardware-in-the-Loop internship

Instructor and contact person:

Dr.-Ing. Karl-Peter Jäker

Content and learning objectives:

Components of a HIL test bed

  • real-time systems (dSPACE, Testrig), actuators, measuring devices, etc.

Components of a real-time system

  • interfaces to the testbed: A/D-, D/A-converters, digital I/O, PWM, digital and analog filters
  • control algorithm: discretisation, numerical integration methods

Actuators for an HIL testbed 

  • demands on the actuators: bandwith, power, linking to real-time system, etc.
  • electric and hydraulic actuators

Analog and discrete signal processing

  • aliasing, bandwidth, phase, stability, phase shift free measuring

Hardware-in-the-Loop practical

  • measurement of typical effects of digital systems
  • optimal realisation of digital controllers and filters
  • modelling and realisation of a Hardware-in-the-Loop test bed

On the basis of the contents of the lectures "Control Engineering" and "Digital Control Systems" the aspects of simulation under real-time conditions will be treated. The special features of real-time simulation will be analyzed by means of actual hardware-in-the-loop test beds. As the chair of Control Engineering and Mechatronics employs modern HIL test beds also for testing new actuators, the lecture will not only deal with the specific properties and effects of digital real-time systems (aliasing, quantisation, and optimal discretisation) but also with modelling and design of force actuators (electric motors, hydraulic cylinders, etc.) necessary for an HIL test bed.

Reference for students

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