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Project Seminar Mechatronics and Control Engineering

Content and learning objectives:

Exact topic tables of the project seminar are given at the beginning of the semester. Usually the process of the project seminar is as follows:

  1. planning of the project week
  2. treatment of the individual tasks in teams
  3. information exchange between the teams
  4. unification of the partial results
  5. conclusion and presentation with demonstration of the results

Topics of past project seminars:

magnet bearing, ball/plate, autonomous robot, contactless linear drive for a rail-mounted vehicle, walking machine with three legs, active suspension, energy harvesting, trajectories for a miniature robot, quarter-vehicle test bed

In the project seminar by a practical example the development of a mechatronic system is reconstructed from the first concept idea up to the beginning of operation. Students solve the given problem widely independently. Apart from the use and consolidation of knowledge acquired in the study the participants learn how to work in a team, to organize the project work and to present the results.

Reference for students

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