Modelling and Simulation II


Dr.-Ing. Viktor Just

Contact person:

M.Sc. Simon Olma

Content and learning objectives:

The lecture deals with the simulation of mechatronic systems, with the focus on mechanical subsystems. After a short introduction into multi-body dynamics and a presentation of the different tools for simulating MBS (multi-body systems), several methods of deriving the equations of motion of MBS will be presented. As a rule, analysis of the MBS is performed by means of nonlinear simulation. The various integration methods used by the simulation programs are presented an treated in detail as to their properties. After the equations of motion have been derived it will be possible to use them in the information processing of mechatronic systems. This is exemplified by, e.g., observers, transformation of coordinates or feedforwards of force or torque.

Knowledge of different methods of generating equations of motion for mechanical multi-body systems and analysis of these methods by means of nonlinear simulation. Ability to perform simulations and evaluate simulation results ("Don't trust the pretty pictures").

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