Automotive Mechatronic Systems

Content and learning objectives:

Overview over mechatronic vehicle systems:

  • Contemporary and future systems, trends

Models for vehicle dynamics

  • Tire, lateral and vertical dynamics, sability, over- and understeering

Active systems for vehicle dynamics control

  • ESP: function and system overview, control principles, hydraulic unit, sensors, safety and monitoring concept
  • active steering systems: hydraulic and electric power steering, active front steering, steer-by-wire-systems
  • active suspension systems (vertical dynamics): spring and damper systems, stabilisators, Active Body Control (ABC)
  • integrated vehicle dynamics control: coordination of active brake, steering and suspension systems

Application example: Controller design for active stabilisation of a car-trailer combination

Objective is to impart knowledge of vehicle dynamics (longitudinal, lateral and vertical dynamics) as well as knowledge of important mechatronic control systems for vehicle dynamics and chassis control (system overview, components, functions).

Reference for students

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