Advanced Control Engineering

Content and learning objectives:

  1. Introduction: State-space description and design of state-feedback controllers by pole placement
  2. Controllability and observability, definition and criteria (Kalman, Gilbert, and Hautus)
  3. Complete modal synthesis
  4. Controller design by minimizing a quadratic performance index (LQ-optimal contronl, Riccati controller)
  5. Zeros and relative degree of MIMO systems
  6. State feedback controller design by reference decoupling
  7. State observers
  8. Structures of state-space control(output feedback, MIMO PI-controler, dynamic feedback, model-based feedback control and feed-forward compensation, internal-model principle)
  9. State-space controller design by multi-objective optimisation

This lecture is a follow-up to the lecture on Control Engineering. Based on the state-space desciption of dynamic systems, methods for analysis and synthesis of complex control systems will be taught, with special focus on multi-input-multi-output (MIMO) systems.

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