SensoBack – development of the sensor-, control- and control station system linked to a cloud in order to avoid rejection and excess production in the field of pastry production

The industrial production of biscuits nowadays works fully automatically. However, the quality and efficiency of the resources varies to the different operators of the systems because this is the person who has to adapt manually the process parameters to the commodity characteristics. In order to accomplish an optimal resource utilization and product quality, an intelligent measuring system will be developed that detects the product quality and afterwards adjusts the whole system. In addition to that, the checkout systems of the bakeries will be connected to a cloud-based virtual baker so that a demand forecast can be generated.

Details of the project’s goal 

One of the goals of the SensoBack project is the enhancement of the resource utilization while simultaneously improving the product quality. This goal will be achieved by the integration of an intelligent sensor system into the production facility. The sensor will detect the quality standards concerning the shape, weight, quality of the dough and hygiene conditions at multiple positions throughout the manufacturing process. With the help of measurement parameters, a process regulation will be developed which then will adapt the process parameters to the altering qualities of the flour. Besides, the process regulation will eject and return the dough pieces which do not meet the quality expectations.

Compliance of hygiene conditions is a very important issue for the production of pastries as well. At the moment, the production facilities are cleaned in fixed intervals regardless of the actual hygiene condition. As the hygiene condition has a direct impact on the product quality and the efficiency of the resources, a potential to optimize becomes sufficient. This is why the hygiene measurement parameters of the Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintance will be tested.

Donut and Berliner production plant EVOLUTION by the WP Kemper GmbH, source:

In order to plan the production volume, a quantity factor of safety is currently added to the net-required quantity which often leads to excess production. In Germany, 10-15% of the pastries are spoilt. For this reason, the checkout systems of the bakeries and the production facilities will be linked to a cloud-based virtual baker (cvBm). As a result, the gross-required quantity can be calculated and the excess production will decrease. Moreover, the crosslinking of the production facilities enables an exchange of the process parameters between the operators of the systems.


This project is supported by the leading market competition Produktion.NRW with an amount of 1.0 million Euros by Europäische Fonds für Regionale Entwicklung (EFRE).

Project partners

WP Kemper GmbH

Fraunhofer IEM


myview systems GmbH