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Control Engineering and Mechatronics

Model-Based Design, Control and Optimization of Intelligent Mechatronic Systems

Model-based design is an essential technology in the development of mechatronic systems. The specification of components such as actuators and sensors as well as controller synthesis and tests of the system are based on models. The integration of modeling and simulation within the design process is of vital importance in the development of intelligent mechatronic products.

In the context of mechatronics, the research group Control Engineering and Mechatronics does interdisciplinary reserach at the link between mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology. The design of new active system groups by means of a functional approach includes systematic integration, conception, and the operation of distributed processes under real-time conditions.

Mechatronic systems are marked by particularly high demands on their dynamic behaviour which are fulfilled by integrating mechanical structures with sensor systems, active inputs, and comprehensive (digital) information processing.

Regelungstechnik und Mechatronik