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Commitment to Support Young Researchers

We are deeply and intensely committed to the education and training of students and young talents, such as doctoral and postdoctoral candidates and assistant professors. Our aim is to ensure they are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to shape the future. Besides looking after our young talents’ scientific qualifications, we also prepare them to take on roles of responsibility in business and science.

In 2017, more than 170 students wrote their thesis with us. 90 especially talented graduates are well on their way to successfully completing their post-graduate studies. Our commitment to developing young talent can also be seen in our involvement with the two “Fortschrittskollegs”. 38 of our graduates already have a professorship.

Getting ready for a university career

We strongly promote and support employees wishing to pursue a university career. Currently, the following Assistant Professors are working in our institute:

Alexander Skopalik is Assistant Professor in the “Algorithms and Complexity” workgroup. He deals with algorithmic problems in game theory. He observes, for example, issues relating to the results of strategic action on the part of autonomous actors. And investigates about the computational complexity of profit forecasts in the distributed allocation of resources.

Christoph Sommer has been Assistant Professor in the “Distributed Embedded Systems” workgroup since October 2017. His research focuses on cooperative mobile systems. He tackles issues relating to transport efficiency, security, and the security aspects of car-to-X communication in mixed environments.

In 2017, two of our Assistant Professors were appointed as full Professors:

Heiko Hamann was appointed as Professor for Service Robotics at Universität zu Lübeck. His research focuses on the field of biologically inspired robotics, and he works in particular with issues of swarm robotics and the modelling of large multi-agent systems. From 2013 to march of 2017, Hamann was Assistant Professor to Professor Meyer auf der Heide in the “Algorithms and Complexity” workgroup.

Michaela Geierhos was appointed as W3 Professor for Digital Humanities at Paderborn University on 7 November 2017, and is a shining example of interdisciplinarity in action. She teaches and undertakes research in the field of semantic information processing at the interface between computational linguistics and business informatics, and examines issues of natural language processing in industry-oriented application scenarios. From 2013 to 2017, Geierhos was Assistant Professor in the “Business Computing, esp. Semantic Information Processing” workgroup.