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The Heinz Nixdorf Institute has the professional competence and infrastructure to offer young people professional training, and we have a long history of commitment to this form of training. We train specialist computer scientists in the field of system integration, and electronics engineers in the field of devices and systems. Four trainees are currently being prepared for their career. We generally accept two trainees per year.

We train to specialized computer scientist, subject area system integration and to electronics engineer for devices and systems

The training is supported by an internal further education programme organised by all the teachers at the Paderborn University. The interdisciplinary orientation of the workgroups within the Heinz Nixdorf Institute gives trainees an opportunity to engage with current topics in an industrial and operational environment. Together with classroom-based training at the Carl-Severing Vocational College in Bielefeld, our trainees are given perfect preparation for their subsequent professional lives.

Specialised computer scientist, subject field System Integration

Specialised computer scientists master both technical and commercial challenges. They convert the requirements and demands of the users into hardware and software. In addition, they are on hand to give customers and users professional advice and technical support. Our trainees’ daily routines comprise, for example, the conception and realisation of information and communication solutions in accordance with the given request. To do this, they network hardware and software components to form complex systems. Following their training, they work in companies with different industrial backgrounds, especially in the IT sector. The professional training takes three years and ends with an examination before the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK).

Electronics engineer for devices and systems

Electronics engineers for devices and systems produce components and devices for information technology or communication technology applications, for example. They put the systems and devices into operation, and also maintain them. This occupation requires IT competences, such as the ability to install and configure IT systems or select and apply the appropriate software. 

Their professional careers are in the fields of manufacturing, testing and quality control, maintenance and repair, or even in the field of design and development. This vocational training lasts 3 ½ years and ends with an examination before the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

Since we first became involved in this area of training, 35 young people have completed their apprenticeship with us (four Electronics engineer for devices and systems, one Information technology officer and 30 Computer scientist, subject area system integration).