Simulation & Digital Factory

The current development in industrial production is distinguished by shortened product life cycles, customer-oriented production and a greater diversity of variants. Notwithstanding, the digitization of product and process planning is pursued with vigor and impelled, in order to manufacture cost and time efficiently. New products are almost completely designed, modeled and optimized by computer models. The advantages are not just reduced developing costs and time, but also helps to improve the company’s competitiveness and position on the global market.

The progressing digitization is beyond the scope of mere products and it refers to all relevant processes of service production.  One established tool for their planning, backup and improvement ist the material flow simulation. Additionally, it allows the design of structural models and the evaluation of their dynamic behavior. As a result, it is possible to consider present such as future situations with their complex interdependencies within the planning period as well as production control.

Being nestled in the vision of a digital factory, we develop new methods and tools for the expanded use of material flow simulation. The integration of the user to modeling as well as simulation such as the integration of the whole workflow beginning from preliminary planning to the secure management of production and logistic processes are the heart of our work.