Control Console 2012

Cross-Company and Cost Integrated Production Scheduling

Small and mid-sized companies (SMSC) see themselves confronted with a gap between IT-supported production planning and scheduling and the current state of the art. There is a deand for an innovative tool that allows for cross-company  and cost-integrated production scheduling in SMSC networks. At this point, the project “Control Console 2012”, which set itself to fill the above-mentioned gap until 2012, has been brought into action back in 2009. Production and service companies, as well as unions from the East-Westphalia region and North Rhine-Westphalia are in a consortium led by Prof. W. Dangelmaier.

The project’s goal, especially for SMSC, is the development of a “future control console” in form of a service-oriented production scheduling software. With the help of the most modern web technologies and a cross-company service concept, this is to accomplish measurable added value for SMSC and establish competences, in order to reduce production costs and to improve productivity at steady parameters.

Control Console 2012 therefore combines new visualization techniques to control multidimensional production data and the appropriate cost information, thereby uncovering and quantifying added value and profusion at all times. A service concept, which bundles production clusters’ competences with the help of anonymised surveys on companies’ production data and an offering of dedicated, planning-oriented IT services, complements the actual tool. Through cross-company benchmarks, potential for the individual’s, as well as for the overall union’s improvement is discovered.

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