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Business Computing, especially CIM

Producing Economically in Germany Tomorrow

Germany cannot live from the provision of services alone. Companies will still be producing goods in Germany tomorrow, as long as production, procurement and selling processes meet the highest standards of effectiveness and efficiency. This development comprises an increase in product quality as well as ever-shorter delivery and turn-around times. In this context, it is necessary to develop innovative procedures which enable companies to advance to a status that is possible from today’s point of view.

We address all technological and business-management problems occurring in supply chain management and production and logistic processes. For problem solving, we apply innovative information technology. The objective of the workgroup is to strengthen the competitive situations of industrial and service companies. Our approach is process aligned – aligned to the process of creating goods and services.

Industry Cooperations

Our research is in developing innovative methods in production planning and scheduling, supply chain management, knowledge-based control of logistic systems and material flow simulation. In the field of production planning and scheduling we work in close cooperation with industrial companies like the Daimler AG, Knorr-Bremse AG, Keiper, TRW Automotive and Vileda.

Scientific Cooperations

The interdisciplinary research in the fields of material flow simulation, knowledge-based control and supply chain management is sponsored by the Deutschen Forschungsgesellschaft and the European Union. In all fields there is also a close cooperation with the International Graduate School of Dynamic Intelligent Systems of the Universität Paderborn.