Cooperative Projects

The workgroup "Behavioral Economic Engineering and Responsible Management" maintains numerous cooperations with companies, organizations and research institutions in order to continuously optimize the quality of teaching.

Some selected cooperations of the workgroup are listed here:


Corporate Governance meets Sustainable Economics and Management

The workgroup "Behavioral Economic Engineering and Responsible Management" has been cooperating with the student initiative oikos Paderborn since 2012. The local group of a worldwide network has taken up the cause of anchoring the topic of sustainability in the minds and actions of students as decision makers of the future.

One joint project that deserves special recognition is the "readabout" reading circle, which has been supplementing the range of courses on the topic of sustainability since the winter semester of 2012/ 2013. The first round was on the topic of "Business, Ethics and the Environment" and dealt with the book of the same name by DESJARDINS (2007). Building on this, the follow-up event was dedicated to the topic "Sustainable Business Models", based on the book "Cradle to Cradle" by BRAUNGART/ MCDONOUGH (2002). In the summer semester 2018 the book "Doughnut Economics" by RAWORTH (2017) will be discussed in the reading circle.

Since 2013, oikos' mission to integrate sustainability into research and teaching has also been supported by the workgroup in its role on the oikos Advisory Board. Professor Dr. René Fahr and Dörte Foit advise the group and act as multipliers at university level.



Corporate Governance meets On-the-fly Computing

The objective of the Collaborative Research Center 901 On-The-Fly Computing (SFB 901: OTF Computing) is the development of techniques and procedures for the automatic on-the-fly configuration and execution of individual IT services. These services are traded on worldwide available markets. In particular the following are considered:

  • the configuration of services by special service providers,
  • the execution of the services by special computer centres and
  • methods for quality assurance and protection of market participants.

Structurally, the SFB is divided into three project areas. Project Area A, in which the workgroup "Behavioral Economic Engineering and Responsible Management" is involved, deals with algorithmic and economic foundations for the organization of large, dynamic markets. Project Area B researches methods for modeling, composition and quality analysis of services and service configurations. Project Area C develops reliable execution environments for On-The-Fly Computing, and deals with questions of market robustness and security, the organization of highly heterogeneous OTF Compute Centers and the execution of configured services by such centers.

Faculty of Theology Paderborn

Cooperation in the field of business ethics

A cooperation agreement between the Faculty of Theology in Paderborn and the University of Paderborn was signed on Tuesday, 16 April 2013. The aim is a more in-depth discussion of financial and economic-ethical questions in the light of Christian social teaching. The agreement enables the mutual opening of courses in the field of business ethics for students of the respective other institution. The cooperation was initiated by Prof. Dr. Günter Wilhelms from the Chair of Christian Social Doctrine at the Faculty of Theology in Paderborn and Prof. Dr. René Fahr, head of the workgroup "Behavioral Economic Engineering and Responsible Management".

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Risch, then President of the University of Paderborn, emphasizes the current importance of business ethics: "The task of science is not to look at how yesterday's problems are solved. It is about being prepared for the problems of tomorrow." Opening the students' eyes to questions of business ethics is also what Prof. Dr. Günter Wilhelms is all about: "Through this cooperation we are creating a new area of focus for the students of both institutions." The cooperation will strengthen the good collaboration between the Faculty of Theology Paderborn and the University of Paderborn, said Prof. Dr. Maria Neubrand, Rector of the Catholic Faculty of Paderborn.

CSR Hochschulkreis

Prof. Fahr is a member of the CSR Hochschulkreis.