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Algorithms for 3D Rendering using Cloud Computing

The goal of the project group is the development of a 3D rendering system that is able use different types of computing devices. These devices could be powerful workstations, netbooks, tablet PCs, or smartphones with low computing power. Because a mobile device does not provide the same computing power as a workstation, it must be supported by external resources. External resources can be computing power and storage space provided by cloud services. For this purpose, algorithms, which support a partitioning of their computations, have to be developed. For example during 3D rendering, a small part of the geometry can be rendered on the mobile device. The rest of the geometry exceeding the device's capabilites can be displayed by a cloud service.

The project group is to explore which 3D rendering algorithms can be supported by cloud services. Subsequently, adequate techniques shall be developed and implemented, on the one hand as a cloud service, and on the other hand on a mobile device. The implementation should focus on smartphones during this project group. The techniques to be developed shall partition the work between the cloud services and the device on the basis of the computing power of the device. Finally, the 3D rendering system shall be evaluated experimentally.


  • Matthias Fischer
  • Claudius Jähn
  • Benjamin Eikel


  • Slides of the project group presentation on January 30, 2012


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